P U R P O S E            P A S T             P A T T E R             P H O T O S            P L A C E S  (Walks)              P R O G E N Y 

We belong to the U3A Walking Group and, whenever possible,
we join with about 15 - 20 others each Thursday for a walk of between 5 - 8 miles.
We tramp resolutely through the beautiful countryside surrounding Devizes -
though not always through fields of rape where it is difficult to see even our heads!!



(records are incomplete and started March 2009)


5th March 2009

The Deverills

7 miles

12th March 2009

Market Lavington, Urchfont, Easterton - Devizes

10 miles

19th March 2009

Rockley, Hackpen Hill

7 miles

14th May 2009

West Lavington and Strawberry Hill

6 miles

21st May 2009


6 miles

2nd April 2009

Potterne to Stert

6 miles

28th May 2009

Wootton Rivers and Oare Hill

8 miles

9th July 2009

Seend and ancient iron works

5 miles

16th July 2009

Oare, Gophers Wood and Martinsell

7 miles

23rd July 2009


6 miles

24th Sept. 2009

Castle Coombe and Long Dene

6 miles

15th October 2009

Wilton, Great Wishford

6 miles

25th March 2010

West Lavington, and Strawberry Hill

5 miles

15th April 2010

Westbrook, Chittoe and Spy Park

6 miles

22nd April 2010

Tan Hill Way, Adam's Grave

5 miles

29th April 2010

Fonthill Magna (A)

5 miles

13th May 2010

Lockeridge and West Woods -

5 miles

20th May 2010

Pitton, Farley, Clarendon Lost Palace

7 miles

3rd June 2010

Farleigh Wick & South Wraxall

5 miles

10th June 2010

Crockerton and Longbridge Deverell (A)

6 miles

17th June 2010

Stonehenge, Woodhenge and beyond

7 miles

24th June 2010

Lacock & Bowden Hill

5 miles

13th July 2010

Swanage Coastal Walk

7 miles

20th July 2010

Avebury and its wider landscape

about 3 miles

24th July 2010

Windmill Hill from Avebury & back down Bray St.

(Our own walk, with Zo)

4 miles

2nd Sept 2010

Open access visit @ Stonehenge (KVNT)

short - Stones specific

9th Sept. 2010

Around Seend & ancient ironworks

5 miles

30th Sept 2010

Ford (Chippenham), Castle Combe, & environs

6.1 miles

21st October 2010

Middle Woodford area   (Adie leading)

7 miles

29th October 2010

ditto above

7 miles

9th April 2011
Roundway (Run-Away) Down
(with new History Group)

2 miles

14th April 2011

Charlton area near Malmesbury

7 miles

21st April 2011

The Deverills

7 miles

29th April 2011

Around the Lavingtons after the Wedding Street Party

5 miles

30th April 2011
Lidbury Camp, & other archaeological sites on the Plain above the R. Avon between Enford and Upavon
4 miles

19th May 2011

Beckington, Rode etc  (Adrian and Helle with U3A)

6 miles

11th July 2011

Cherhill Monument (own walk)

2 miles

21st July 2011
Tan Hill/Marlborough Downs
to Alton Barnes White Horse

4 miles