2010- Venezuela

Thursday 9th December 2010

We were diverted to Isla de Margarita from La Guaira on main land Venezuela due to disastrous mud slides that had led  to a State of Emergency being declared there and cruise ships being denied entry to the ports.  Sadly there had been loss of life.

El Guamache appeared to be a very small port and settlement dealing mainly with commercial traffic.  However, like many of the other islands we have visited, they have reclaimed land at the port.  In this case, they have created an attractive small beach in recent years that was used almost exclusively by the passengers on our ship.  We therefore spent a short time on the beach and a little longer looking at items to buy from the market stalls.  We bought six (!) nativity scenes created within pumpkin shells.  We did not book a tour as we are returning in March 2011 and have one booked for that occasion.