P U R P O S E            P A S T             P A T T E R             P H O T O S            P L A C E S             P R O G E N Y 

The photo of the mother duck "talking" to her offspring was taken at Swaynes Farm - where we used to live.
It is hyperlinked through to the talks and courses that we have attended.

We decided on words beginning with "P"
for our site menu
  is another word for "Chat"  or even "Blog".

Our Blog Website contains items of news etc.
and can be accessed
from this photo

where one gannet 
(near Napier
in New Zealand)
is definitely
talking to the other!!!

As well as us talking on our Blog, we also enjoy listening to others and learning a whole
host of new things.  Sometimes it's difficult to recall everything we have heard and studied.
Therefore we are including a separate page detailing talks, lectures, courses etc as an aide-mémoire.