Downton, Wiltshire - home of Jill's ancestors for centuries  (c 30 miles from Devizes - linked from the photo).

P U R P O S E            P A S T             P A T T E R             P H O T O S            P L A C E S             P R O G E N Y 

Jill spends many hours researching Family History......

As a result, we now have more than 5,000 found ancestors on our family tree.

On her father's maternal line she
has gone back to the 11th century!

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Adrian's paternal grandmother
 (on right)
Elizabeth Emma Tall:
born 15th April 1885


Jill's maternal grandmother
Lucy Elizabeth Lawford:
born 19th October 1877

(She is wearing what is probably a mourning dress -
her father, Thomas Lawford, died in 1897)

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Adrian's Great Great Grandfather:
Thomas James Lovett
(1831 - 1899)

Jill's paternal Great Grandfather:
George Albert Champniss
(1840 - 1926)

Both pdfs take our families back 12 generations


We are interested in the past generally and History is the one subject that every member of our family has taken at "A" Level.
One page of our website is devoted to the history of Devizes.