2002 - Paraguay


Thursday 1st August

We left the park at Iguasso and went to the border town where we queued for a long while to cross into Paraguay.  Etienne insisted that the town on the Paraguay side was there solely to promote smuggling as there is a limit on the amount that Brazilians can buy on the maximum of one trip a month they are allowed.

Paraguay was relatively flat and not of great interest.  It is one of the poorer countries in SA.  We stopped at a garage type restaurant where Etienne had advised us to eat sandwiches rather than the buffet that they had lovingly laid out for us, there being no other customers and it being 4pm by now.

The night was spent in a reasonable hotel, following an evening tour of the principal sights (on foot) - police station plus armed guards, cathedral and presidential palace.  Very rundown and pavements particularly lethal.  However we did get taxis to a very good restaurant across town where we had surebo - the local fish.

Friday 2nd August

Revisited some of the sights in daylight and also bought some souvenirs. After a quite good lunch we set out for the airport.  The plane was delayed and we arrived at Santa Cruz at 9.40 only to leave again at 6am.  Our shortest  visit anywhere.  From what we could see in the dark the city was prosperous and had attractive shops.