2011 - Mayreau Island

Aboard MV Discovery


Saturday 19th March 2011

This is a tiny island of just three hundred people and having a length of just over one mile.  However, it and the surrounding islands make a beautiful vista.  Steep sided tree-covered hills rise up from turquoise waters.  The island forms part of the Grenadines – a line between St. Vincent and Grenada.  The total population is only 9,000 people.  The northern islands (including this one) are under the domain of St. Vincent and the southern are under Grenada.  They form part of the Commonwealth.

The Captain had indicated that it might be too rough to tender ashore and that our landing might have to be aborted.  However this proved a groundless fear and we took the tender at about 10.00 a.m. to a beach on the island.  Adrian, Brian and Julian went swimming whilst Jill and Ann walked to “the village” along the 200 yards of concrete road.  Neither the town nor the road have names.

The houses are mainly towards the top of the hill and there were beautiful views to be had from this location.

A small ferry visited but otherwise we seemed to have the island to ourselves apart from the residents.  Most of these seemed quite friendly although we had been shown a degree of hostility near the beach where Julian had been told that facilities such as deck chairs, the bar and toilets were locked up “because the Captain hadn’t paid the fees”!  The person speaking declared “It’s a private island and we don’t want tourists!”

Jill bought a hermatite necklace with pearl-like additions -  but the vendor would not shift from her $10.00 asking price!

In the afternoon we sat on the top deck and made up the diary in the sunshine – with difficulty as it was difficult to see in the bright light.