The photograph above was taken at Greenwell Point - in the Shoalhaven region of NSW, Australia.
Like the gull, we like to fly off in all directions!  Its flight path, in this case , leads to the Historic Houses we have visited.
When at home we walk, rather than fly, and this statement will open a list of our walks with the U3A Walking Group!

P U R P O S E            P A S T             P A T T E R             P H O T O S            P L A C E S (Day-to-day)             P R O G E N Y  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Since 2009, we have recorded a note, or journal, of our visits
 to towns, villages and a miscellany of other places..
This page gives links to each individual year :

We met up with Mary and Derek in Thailand in January.
We then moved on to Australia - getting home in early March.
In April, we went on the U3A Walking Holiday
at Bourton on the Water.
Our first trip to The Manor, at Okehampton,
in late April/ early May.

In June we went to Kyrenia, Cyprus for a week with Lynn.
August: We had our first ever cruise - with Brian & Ann. 
This was around Britain on "Discovery".
In September we stayed with Helle at Cheadle Hulme.
October: We had a self-guided tour in
Lincolnshire & Warwickshire.

November 16th:  We flew out to Dubai for 5 days
and then went on to New Zealand.
December: We were in Australia for the whole month.
All January, and most of February, we toured Australia - travelling in Queensland, then Northern Territory
and on to South Australia & Victoria.
18th February: We flew to Nadi for 2 weeks in Fiji;
remaining there until 4th March.
5th March we were back in the U.K.
April 2nd - 9th: Hopton Hall, Derbyshire.
Zoe organised a family break there & Lynn came to join us.

In May we went again to the Manor, Okehampton,
and stayed on in the Devon area for a few extra days.
Helle stayed with us later in the month.

July: We had a self-guided tour in the North Cotswolds.
We left for our cruise to Iceland, Greenland, etc on 29th
August: We returned from the cruise on the 20th
In early September, we had a Family History Tour
around Mimms, Hertfordshire.
Later in the month we stayed with Helle and John & Margaret.
October: We had a mini-break in London
and started as N.T. Guides at Avebury Manor.
November 18th: We left for a cruise starting in Spain,

then Madeira and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.
December 20th: We returned to the UK in deep snow !
2011 On 28th January our Grandson, Zachary Elliot, was born.
His cousin, Ava Sofia, arrived 8 days later - on 5th February!
February 18th: We left for a cruise - taking in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Panama, the Panama Canal, Colombia, Venezuela and a number of Caribbean islands.
March 22nd: We returned to the UK.
In April we went twice to London - to see the Wizard of Oz at the Palladium and also to see the London Olympic Site.
We took part in a volunteering day at Avebury Manor as part of an exciting project to be revealed later in the year.
In May we went to Okehampton, with Ann, Brian, Vera & Julian.
V & J stayed with us and so did Helle.
We had a family get-together for Nath's birthday.
2nd June we spoke at PROBUS on Australia  & the same day Nathan, Amalia and Ava flew to L.A. for 10 days.
During late June & early July we took a trip to Moscow before travelling on to Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania.
In August we did our own "Historic House Tour" before staying with Helle & John & Margaret.
September saw Nathan, Amalia & Ava go to Provence whilst we went to the Lake District with the Devizes Probus group.
October - ZoŽ received her Campath infusion, we saw the babies several times and we left on the last day of the month for a cruise.
November - on Mediterranean/Suez Canal Cruise until 13th & also stayed at Shepperton for two nights when we saw the family.
Recommenced Manor guiding
December - We spent Christmas Day @ Keren, Simon & Zac's and Boxing Day @ Nathan, Amalia & Ava's.
ZoŽ went to Southampton for two nights.
Nathan, Amalia and Ava came to stay with us for two nights.


January - we took Keren, ZoŽ & Zac to the Menzies hotel, Cambridge - and it was Zac's 1st birthday.
February - Ava had her 1st birthday, ZoŽ had her second Campath infusion and we went to Spain for a month.
March - we went to Myanmar and also to Launceston with Keri, Zac and ZoŽ 
April - had our offer accepted on Worthing apartment, spent a week at Okehampton, and Vera & Julian came to stay
May - ZoŽ, Helle, Keren, Si and Zac stayed
June - ZoŽ stayed, pulled out of Worthing purchase, looked in Tunbridge Wells area
July - Visits from all the family - each for two nights.
Self-Guided tour of National Trust properties & visit to Helle's
August - 45th Wedding Anniversary, Offered on Odiham property and trip to Armenia and Georgia
September - Withdrew from Odiham, Offered on Emsworth and accepted an offer on Lansdowne Court. Exciting news re 3rd grandchild due in May.
October - 25 day trip to the Adriatic and Black Sea area. Exchanged on Emsworth property
November - 6th: Moved to Emsworth
December -Nathan, Amalia & Ava went to the States
Christmas Day on our own - lunch at Midhurst
Family Get-together on 30th