2000 - Denmark


Sunday 23rd July 2000

A bonus start to our holiday as we were asked by SAS if we would like to travel Business Class.  Well, to help out, we felt we had to agree!!  Nice seats but a lot of ignorance displayed as we struggled with our footrests!

The approach to Copenhagen is over water and quite distinctive.  All worked well and soon we were on our way in a new Alpha Romeo with just 8 km on the clock.

The 2½ hour journey proved to be 190 km rather than the 150 given in the itinerary.  After a struggle to find the turning, we arrived at Hvedholm Castle on the island of Funen in Denmark.  It was built originally in the 13th century but what we see now is a 19th century re-build.  We had a very nice and extremely tasteful room.  There were at least two other couples that we recognised from either Heathrow or the flight but nether seemed anxious to get involved in conversation.

Lovely diner with an hors d’oeuvre before the fish starter and sorbet between that and the main course of veal. 

I made a mistake over the coffee which we later decided must have been someone else’s!


Monday 24th July 2000

Following a buffet breakfast, we went on a trip to Faaborg only a very short distance away – an attractive 12th – 13th century town with half timbered buildings brown and colour wash (especially deep yellow) reminiscent of Normandy except for those colours.  Then a closed road and an attempt to reverse into a library entrance lead to me putting a nasty series of scratches on the rear passenger side low down – where I did not see a concrete bollard; very upsetting.

Then on to Odense, where we saw the Hans Christian Andersen house and museum.  Interesting.  Heavy rain kept us in the car til we left Odense (after getting well and truly lost). When back in the vicinity of the castle, we went to a pretty little coastal hamlet in an attractive area with low hills and islands offshore.

Back to the hotel, where a vintage car club was now visiting with especially Mercs, an MG etc and a Cadillac with fins.  We went up the tower which was reached by several flights of stairs degenerating into a couple of very narrow ones near the top.

Another very good meal with legitimate coffee!  Rang Zoë in the evening after the first of her 2 days’ inset.  J. then read Shadow in Tiger Land whilst A. watched subtitled English language film only to discover it was to be continued sometime when we would be in Sweden or Norway!


Tuesday 25th July 2000

Up and packed and into Breakfast by 8.20 a.m. – set off at 9.15 a.m. for Copenhagen which is in Zealand.  Long slog – over the Belt Bridge again, where our AMEX card would not work at the Toll Gate and we built up a small queue behind us before a friendly Dane came to rescue us after we pushed the “Help” button!

It took ages to park in Copenhagen as the first car parks we tried were full.  Evuntually we found one with a space and walked to the Town Hall area and bought a ticket for the red “Official City Tour”. We went to Burger King but in common with many others, couldn’t work out how to get into their paying toilets.  We went to get our tour only to find that there had been trouble with the bus and instead of 1.15 p.m., it wouldn’t be going until 1.45.  We spent the extra time finding a unisex paying convenience at the bus station and watching a Christmas Parade / Show with Father Christmas, a Snowman and lots of red clad children!  There were actually loads of Father Christmases – presumably something to do with the fact that it’s the 25th July today!!  Very goey Danish tunes culminating with Jinglebells.

We set off on the red bus – on the top and in the front seat just like school days!  The tour took 1½ hours with a stop to see the Little Mermaid.  When we got back on, we’d lost the front seat!  We could in fact have got off at any stop but chose to stay on because of limited time.

The city tour was worthwhile as it did give us an overview of Copenhagen that we wouldn’t otherwise have had.  We managed to find the car afterwards fairly easily and also got ourselves out of the city with no problem (once we’d been let out of the car park as our cancelled parking ticket didn’t seem to be recognised.


We crossed to Sweden via the new bridge ……………….