2010 - Cruise 2

Thursday 29th July - Friday 20th August 

Norway, the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and Orkney

This time "Discovery" presented as an old friend and we were proud members of "The Discovery Club".

We again travelled with Brian and Ann and the four of us had originally decided that we would economise and have "inside" cabins - much to the chagrin of Ann and Adrian.  Brian and Jill felt that all cabins look alike when your eyes are closed and indeed our frugality was amply rewarded as we were all awarded free upgrades to outside cabins!  We occupied cabin 4415 and Brian and Ann were next door in 4419.

Again we opted for early sitting and were amazed to find that absolutely everyone on our table was a Christian.  Peter and Fiona work full time in their own ministry whilst Peter is also the editor and compiler of a well known Christian hymn book. They had come with their friend Val.  Then there was Chris (a surgeon) and his wife Pat (a psychiatrist) who had both served on Mercy Ships and who showed a film about the work later in the cruise.

Rico was our waiter and Alex our bus boy on this occasion.

We got to know the Reception staff well during this cruise - especially Claire, Lizzie and Anna.

Our Cabin stewards were Edwin and Frank.

The highlights of this cruise, for us, were to be Greenland and the Faroes - we had  visited the other ports of call previously.  However we enjoyed the entire cruise.  As there were a number of sea days, one of the options to while away the time was a choir made up of passengers: "The Discovery Voices" trained by Simon Dumbavand.  Ann, Brian and Jill joined this and failed to persuade Adrian that he would also enjoy the experience.  It was fun and the performance was passably good too.

We also had some excellent photographic lectures from Philip Lawson and Janet Edwards as a result of which Jill managed to get her photograph of Alesund printed in A3+ for framing and was inspired to go out on her return home and purchase a new Canon camera.

The disappointments of this cruise were that rough seas prevented us getting into Ilulissat and also Kirkwall - thus we missed one of our Greenland destinations and also the opportunity to see Scara Brae.  However, we were able to sail Prins Christiansund and land at two other Greenland ports and Discovery also sailed very close to spectacular icebergs.  We had two lots of refunds at the end of the cruise and so ended up with money back and nothing to pay for our onboard account.

We were already looking forward to Cruise Number 3 when we bravely planned to go on our own - without Brian and Ann to hold our hands!