2009 - Our First Cruise

Sunday 2nd August - Thursday 13th August 

- Around Britain

We had always resisted cruising - believing that we were too young!  Perhaps we are now old, but we accepted Brian and Ann's invitation to join them on a cruise around the British Isles.

We left Harwich at 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 2nd August on board the good ship "Discovery" and not long afterwards met the others with whom we were to share a table at "Early Sitting" each night. We were on a table of eight with Stan and Carole, their friends Fred and Beryl and our friends, Brian and Ann.  Our waiter was Jonathan.

During this first cruise, we were on Bali Deck and our cabin was number 4423 whilst Brian and Ann were just doors away in 4397.

Our first "stop" was at St. Peterport, Guernsey the day after we left Harwich.  We had previously been to Jersey but Guernsey was new to us.

Then, the following day, we arrived at Tresco on the Scilly Isles at 7.00 a.m. - we had a full day there as we did not leave until 6.00 p.m. and did a lot of walking around the island with Brian and Ann.

Wednesday 5th August saw us arrive at Cobn in Ireland where the Titanic featured greatly and then we were on to Dublin the following day.

We were not familiar with our next port of call - Belfast - and had somewhat negative pre-conceived ideas. However we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw.  We left the city itself for our coach trip to the Giant's Causeway which we greatly enjoyed.

On Saturday 8th August we docked at Oban and went on the "Argyll Scenic Drive" which took half a day.

The following day, Sunday 9th August, we took our evening meal in Discovery's "Yacht Club" and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Our next Scottish destination was Invergordon and Brian and Adrian went off for a half day trip to Cawdor Castle and Culloden whilst Ann and I took part in a somewhat disappointing photographic trip from which we learned little - although we did see some lovely scenery.

Tuesday 11th August, Adrian and I went to Dundee and Glamis Castle where Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the Queen Mother, had lived as a child.

Another sea day followed as Discovery cruised down the east coast of Scotland and all too soon our first cruise was over as we docked at Harwich at 8.00 a.m. on Thursday 13th August.

We had thoroughly enjoyed the whole cruising experience and think we are probably hooked!