2011- Aruba


Sunday 13th March

After yesterday’s final day at sea, Discovery docked at Aruba around 8.00 a.m.  As last time, we were arriving on a Sunday and everything was shop.  On this occasion not even the internet at the Port Terminal was open!

This island was of course known to us from our visit in December.  We therefore limited ourselves to the town of Oranjestad.  On the last occasion, it had been raining heavily and we had not travelled much beyond a modern shopping centre built in a style more reminiscent of a couple of centuries earlier – though in a gaudy shade of pink! 

This time, we spent the morning in Dunkin Donuts to upload our photos (via a free internet connection which we had been told about at the Port Terminal).  Before this, Jill had bought a couple of sundresses at the terminal (2 for $25.00) as well as a glass droplet necklace.

In the afternoon we ventured further into the town with Julian and Vera.  Adrian particularly wanted to see the street of 18th century multi-coloured houses that he had read about.  This proved a disappointment, the houses not being very impressive and also being in a poor state of repair.

On our way back along the seafront, we stopped  at a small park and river to take photographs of the iguanas and lizards there.  One male iguana obligingly put on a display of “puffing” himself up.

Before returning to the ship, we enjoyed a drink, courtesy of Julian, in Starbucks within part of the Renaissance Hotel development.

The evening meal was along the pirate theme that we had participated in previously – with soup being from the “slop bucket” etc!  Joel wore a long dark wig and all the crew entered fully into the atmosphere of the event.  Afterwards there was a Pirate Party but, feeling somewhat tired, we gave this a miss!