The photograph above was taken in South Island, New Zealand.
Like these sea birds, we like to fly off in all directions and their flight path leads to the Historic Houses we have visited.
When at home we walk, rather than fly, and this statement will open a list of our walks with the U3A Walking Group!

P U R P O S E            P A S T             P A T T E R             P H O T O S            P L A C E S (Day-to-day)             P R O G E N Y  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________



January 4th: Devizes - Brian & Annette's lunch party
5th: Devizes - Probus: Brian & Ann on "Milestones"
7th & 8th: Walton-on-Thames for family Christmas - ZoŽ came on 7th
9th: Wagon & Horses, Beckhampton for KVNTA Committee Lunch
10th-12th: Keren stayed with Zac. Went to Coral Cove with him
14th-17th: Menzies Hotel, Cambridge
with ZoŽ , Keren and Zac
21st: Devizes St. A's - South African Supper
23rd: Marlborough: Thai lunch, shopping
24th: Amalia's birthday - babysat Ava
28th: Zac's 1st birthday
Si in Japan 7th-19th
Hotel Menzies stay 14th-17th - K&S heard they have to move.

Zac's 1st birthday 28th
@ The Ship, Weybridge and then at his home.
February 3rd: Babysat Ava for afternoon & evening whilst N & A went to concert
4th: SNOW! K, S & Zac stayed with N, A, & Ava. We stayed at Menzies, Chequers Hotel, Horley
5th: Ava's 1st birthday
7th: Flew to Alicante & Ifach hotel, Calpe for one month
8th: Orientation in Calpe
9th: Full day trip to Moraira and Javea
10th: Adrian on men's walk in mountains near Jalon Valley - 7Ĺ hours
11th: Ĺ day "Mystery Tour" to Gandia after drive through Jalon Valley
12th: Visited Calpe Christian Fellowship
13th: Ĺ day trip to Benidorm
14th: Changed from 6th floor to 11th. Paela on the seafront for Valentines Day
15th: A walked with C.B. Mountain Walkers, J on Ĺ day trip to Denia
16th: HOT day & our own walk along the coast northwards to Les Bassetes
17th: Full day trip to Santa Faz Monastery & Alicante
18th: Calpe Market in the morning.
K, S & Zac arrived in Calpe p.m.
19th: Benidorm Zoo (Terra Natura), Calpe beach with Zac
20th: K,S & Zac visited the Ifach
21st: Si drove us to Guadalest
22nd: A & S climbed to top of Calpe rock - Penon de Ifach. J, K & Zac  to the beach.
23rd: Morning at swimming pool then into Calpe & bumped into Rosemary & Colin (Avebury)
24th: Lunch on seafront with K, S & Zac - then had Zac for an hour on beach.
25th: K, S & Zac flew home - We went to Calpe Market & then  read at hotel.
29th: Denia for morning

Ava's 1st birthday - at her home and then out in the snow!

Left on 7th 
for a month in Calpe, Spain

7th & 8th: ZoŽ had second Campath infusion (2 separate days as outpatient)

16th - 27th: Nathan, Amalia & Ava went to L.A.  Ava had a big birthday party on Sunday 19th

18th - 25th: Keren, Si & Zac visited Calpe for a week.


March 1st: A on full-day walk
3rd: Valencia - full day trip
6th: Returned to UK
9th: Saw Ava & Zac & their mums before flying to Yangon via Bangkok
10th: Yangon
12th & 13th: Mandalay
14th - 16th: Bagan
17th & 18th: Inle Lake
19th: Yangon
21st - Back in the U.K.
24th: Baby Sat for Ava (W.A.)
25th: Baby Sat for Zac (K's bday)
26th - 31st: Launceston
Tuesday 6th: Back  from Spain
9th - 21st: Myanmar
25th: Keren's birthday get-together
26th- 31st: Launceston with Keri, Zac & ZoŽ
April 2nd: 11.00 - 5.00 @ Avebury
5th: Had Ava for the day - went to Ragamuffins with Keri & Zac
5th & 6th: Stayed @ Britannia Europa Hotel, Gatwick
6th & 7th: Helped Nathan & Amalia
11th: Spoke @ Devizes W.I.
12th & 13th: Stayed in Worthing
16th: Offer accepted on Worthing apartment
20th -27th: Okehampton 
27th: Julian & Vera stayed
28th: Took J & V to Avebury Manor
16th: Offer accepted on Worthing apartment

20th - 27th: Okehampton

27th: Julian & Vera stayed
May 4th: Saw Zac, Keri & Si.  Stayed @ Russ Hill Hotel, Charlwood
5th: Saw Ava, Nath & Amalia
6th: ZoŽ stayed - took her to Malmesbury
9th - 13th: Helle stayed
13th: Outing to Sandford Manor & Sherborne
15th: Spoke to Ladies' Evening Group on Myanmar
18th: Took Keri, Si & Zac around Avebury
19th: Salisbury with K, S & Zac
22nd: Sold Laser printer on Ebay
24th: Adie led U3A walk
26th: Nath's birthday celebration
4th: Stayed Charlwood
6th: ZoŽ stayed
9th - 13th: Helle stayed with us
18th-20th: Keri, Si & Zac stayed
26th: Nath's birthdaycelebration @ K, S & Zac's
31st: Nath, Amalia & Ava to Madrid

June 3rd: Jubilee Celebrations - lunch @ St. Andrew's
5th: Lunch with Jeff & Di
6th - 9th: ZoŽ stayed
8th: Worthing with ZoŽ 
10th: Met up with Zac, Ava & parents near Tunbridge Wells
10th & 11th: Stayed: Royal Wells Hotel
10th, 11th, 12th: Toured Tonbridge area
13th: Withdrew from Worthing purchase
16th: John Humphrys @ Devizes Corn Exchange
19th: Tour of Avebury Manor (LEGS)
23rd: Viewed houses in Odiham
24th: Went to the Vine, Odiham then visited Nathan, Amalia & Ava
25th: Visited Keren, Simon & Zac
26th: We guided Avebury tour
27th: Meal w Brian, Annette, Jeff & Di
28th: 2nd viewing of Odiham houses
29th: Offer accepted on #5 - to Guildford to Brian's Thanksgiving Service
3rd:Nath, Amalia & Ava returned from Spain
6th - 9th: ZoŽ stayed
22nd: Full price offer on 2 LC
23rd, 24th & 28th: to Odiham
24th: Saw N, A & Ava
25th: Saw K, S & Zac
29th: Our offer on #5 accepted


July 6th: James' house & took him to Avebury
14th -16th: Keri, Si & Zac stayed
16th-18th: ZoŽ stayed
18th-19th & 21st-22nd: Nath, Amalia & Ava stayed
21st: ZoŽ went to Austria & Keri, Si & Zac to Looe
24th: to Odiham (3rd visit to #5) & then to Canons Ashby. Stayed at the Crown, Elton
25th: To Lyveden New Bield & Apethorpe Hall. Stayed at the Gillygate Hotel, York
26th: Treasurer's House, York - then stayed at Longhirst Hall hotel, Morpeth
27th: Cragside, Seaton Delaval & Birdoswald Fort, Hadrian's Wall - then to Helle's
28th: Port Sunlight Model Village
29th: Smithills Hall, Bolton
30th: Cheadle, Bramhall & then home - took delivery of Google Nexus 7
31st: Visit from our buyers 
Visits from all the family - each for two nights.
Self-Guided tour of National Trust properties & visit to Helle's
21st - 28th: ZoŽ on holiday in Austria
August 5th: Dinner with Ros & Ron
11th: Had Ava (N&A @ wedding)
12th: 45th Wedding Anniversary -
Family get-together & K, S & Zac's
Zac: Erythema Multiforme 10th-15th
15th: Odiham, Keri's & stayed @ Heathrow hotel
16th: Flight to Yerevan. Stayed @ Best Western Congress Hotel for 3 nights
17th: Garni, Geghard & Yerevan
18th: St. Hripsimť, Etchmiadzi n Cathedral, Genocide Memorial, Ashtarak, Meal in local home, Fortress of Amberd & St. Astvatsats in Church, Armenian Alphabet  Monument, Yerevan Cascade.
19th: Khor-Virap + disappointing views of Mt. Ararat, Noravank Monastery, Selim Pass & Silk Road Caravanserai. Lake Sevan,  Noraduz w  900 khachkars (carved cross-stones) Sevanavank Complex. Overnight at Harsnaqar Hotel
20th: Dilijan + beautiful north of Armenia, Monasteries of Haghpat & Sanahin + MIG plane. Overnight at Avan Dzoraget Hotel in Dzoraget.
21st: Crossed border to Georgia & on to Tbilisi: Georgian National Museum, Old town within citadel walls. Metechi Church, Sioni Cathedral & Bell tower. Overnight @ Holiday Inn hotel.
22nd: Jvari Church and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta. Ananuri complex, then on to near  Russian border to striking Mt Kazbek & Stephantsm inda. Russian/Armenian Friendship Monument. Hotel Marco Polo, Gudauri.
23rd: Explored Kartli province, in the heart of Georgia, known for fertile land, Cave town of Uplistsikhe and Stalinís Museum in his place of birth, Gori. Back Tbilisi for 2 nights @ Holiday Inn.
24th: David Gareja Complex, in semi-desert near border with Azerbaijan.  Sighnaghi for a walking tour of narrow streets, enclosed within a defensive wall consisting of 23 towers.
25th: 5.00 a.m. return flight from Tbilisi to Heathrow, via Baku, Azerbaijan. Food poisoning !!!!
29th: HTC One X delivered
30th: Car serviced in Bath
31st: "Warhorse" with ZoŽ & 
all stayed at Holiday Inn, Woking
11th: Looked after Ava
12th: 45th Wedding Anniversary & family get-together
16th-25th: Trip to Armenia and Georgia. Both had food poisoning with Adie passing out on plane!
September 1st: Birthday get-together @ K,S&Zac's
7th: Withdrew from Odiham purchase
8th: Emsworth - met Keri, Zac & ZoŽ 
10th-13th: Stayed @ Jingles, Emsworth 11th: Offer on South St house accepted
 24th: Exchanged on Lansdowne Court
27th: Emsworth & lunch @ Nicolino's
30th: Visited Keri, Si & Zac
Keren, Si & Zac to Spain near Gibraltar for 10 days
Amalia, Nathan & Ava to Valencia for a week

Exciting news re 
3rd grandchild due in May!
October 3rd: Emsworth - stayed @ Travelodge
4th: Saw Nath, Amalia & Ava. Stayed Gatwick IBIS
5th: Flight to Dubrovnik & Discovery
6th: Mostar all day trip
7th: Pula for Hum and Roc
8th: Venice
9th: Koper, Slovenia for Ljubljana & Bled 
10th: Hvar, Croatia
11th: Kotor, Montenegro for Cetinje
12th: Durres, Albania, for Kruja & Tirana
13th: At Sea
14th: Piraeus, Greece, for Delphi
15th: Piraeus for Corinth Canal
16th: Santorini
17th: Cannakale for Troy
18th: Istanbul City Tour
19th: Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
20th: At Sea
21st: Trabzon, Turkey
22nd: Sochi, Russia
23rd: Sochi
24th: Novorossiysk, Russia
25th: Yalta, Ukraine
26th: Sevastopol, Ukraine
27th: Odessa, Ukraine
28th: Rough seas (no Bulgaria)
29th: Istanbul - own exploration
30th: Flew home
Cruise in Adriatic and Black Sea area from 5th - 30th October

Exchanged on Emsworth


November 2nd: Flu Jabs
5th: Luckes packed + Jingles Hotel
6th: Moved into Emsworth
10th: Keri, Si, Zac & ZoŽ visited
11th: Nath, Amalia & Ava visited
13th-15th: Keri & Zac stayed
16th: 1st Emsworth U3A Meeting
17th: Petworth Antiques Market
18th: Emsworth Baptist Church
24th: Nathan, Amalia, Ava & ZoŽ stayed - went to Stansted House
28th: New sofabed arrived
30th: Keri, Si & Zac came in evening
6th: Moved to Emsworth

Everyone came to stay

December 1st: Looked after Zac in morning & visited Voyager in afternoon. Brian & Ann came back in evening.
4th: Phil & Avril round to coffee
6th: Portsmouth on the bus & up the Spinnaker
8th: Went to Horley to see Nath, Amalia & Ava
12th: Coffee @ John & Janet Williams
13th: Coffee @ Glenys's 
with Neil & Jana.
Nathan, Amalia & Ava to the States
16th: To Mary & Derek's
18th & 19th: Electrical work done
20th: Lynn came for the day
21st: To Chichester during the day.
Adie to Men's Curry Evening
24th: Babysat Zac for Keri to have 20 week scan.
25th: Christmas Day - Lunch @ Thai Restaurant near Midhurst. ZoŽ came in evening (unexpected)
26th: Boxing Day - to Jim & Tricia's
27th: ZoŽ left in evening (unexpected)
28th: Nathan, Amalia & Ava returned from the States
29th: Keri, Si & Zac came
30th: Nathan, Amalia & Ava came - Christmas Get-Together
Nathan, Amalia & Ava to the States
Visits to Portsmouth & Chichester

Christmas Day on our own - lunch at Midhurst

Family Get-together on 30th