The photograph above was taken in South Island, New Zealand.
Like these sea birds, we like to fly off in all directions and their flight path leads to the Historic Houses we have visited.
When at home we walk, rather than fly, and this statement will open a list of our walks with the U3A Walking Group!

P U R P O S E            P A S T             P A T T E R             P H O T O S            P L A C E S (Day-to-day)             P R O G E N Y  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________



January 1st & 2nd: 2 nights
@ Walton-on-Thames
2nd: Cranleigh
- tea with Jim & Tricia
3rd & 4th: 1 night @ Cambridge
4th: (night) back to Devizes
15th Salisbury
25th: "The King's Speech"
28th: Zachary Elliot born to Keri & Si in Chertsey
29th: visits to Chertsey & Redhill hospitals.
Stayed in Walton-on-Thames.
Zac went home late on 29th.
30th: Visited Zac & his Mum & Dad, plus Amalia & Nathan. Zoe came down too.
Christmas in January
- due to flu in December!!

We have a grandson!
February 5th: Ava Sofia born to Amalia & Nathan in Redhill
7th: Visited Zac & Ava + their Mums & Dads
10th: Ava went home in evening.
11th: Chris Penny, Wroughton
(on Cycling across the U.S.A.)
15th: Stayed with Amalia & Ava for the day (Keri & Zac came)
17th: Walton on Thames - to see both grandchildren. Stayed at Walton Travelodge overnight
18th - 20th:Valparaiso, Chile
23rd: Arica, Chile
25th: General San Martin, Peru
26th-28th: Callao, Peru
29th: Quito, Ecuador
We have a grand-daughter!

left for South American / Caribbean Cruise


March 1st: Quito, Ecuador
2nd -5th: Galapagos Islands
5th & 6th Manta, Ecuador
8th: Balboa, Panama
9th: Panama Canal
10th: San Blas Islands, Panama
11th: Cartagena, Colombia
13th: Aruba
14th: Curacao
15th: Bonaire
16th: La Guaira, Venezuela
17th: Margarita Island, Venezuela
18th: Grenada (BWI)
19th: Mayreau Island
20th & 2st: Bridgetown, Barbados
22nd: Arrived back in the U.K.
24th-26th: Walton on Thames
& Horley
Arrived back in the U.K.

24th - 26th: stayed with Keri & Simon for K's birthday. Saw both grandchildren, their mums and dads & Zoe and Mark
April 6th: London Palladium
(Wizard of Oz)
9th: Roundway Down Walk
Jean & Michael's Ruby Wedding Party
10th: & 11th: Walton on Thames & Horley
13th: The London Olympic Site, Greenwich, etc.
14th: Brinkworth, Minety, Charlton
15th: Avebury Kitchen Garden refurbishment
16th: The Vyne, Basingstoke
21st: The Deverills
Easter: family came to stay
26th & 27th: with ZoŽ
in Cambridge
28th: Zac = 3 months old
29th: Royal Wedding - Street Party, Walk & Meal
30th: WAHNS Archaeological Walk to Lidbury Camp, on the Plain above  River Avon between Enford and Upavon.
Over Easter (22nd - 24th)
Zac & Ava came to stay for the first time  along with their mummies and daddies &
Auntie ZoŽ
May 1st: Keren, Si & Zac unexpectedly for the night
4th: Adie golf with Brian
5th: Jill gave impromptu talk @ PROBUS on being Head of a School for Dyslexic children
6th: Parking Space created
7th: Vera & Julian came to stay
8th: to Okehampton for 5 days
13th: Visited Okehampton Castle + Ray & Val @ Budleigh
14th: Took Vera & Julian to Avebury (fossils) & Lacock
15th: Crofton Beam Engines and Hungerford with Vera & Julian
20th: Salisbury with Helle
21st: Lichlade & Kelmscott Manor with Helle
27th & 28th: Family get-together for Nathan's birthday. Stayed @ the Copthorne Hotel
Vera & Julian stayed 7th - 8th and 13th - 15th
@ Okehampton: 8th - 13th
Visited Ray and Val: 13th
Helle stayed 18th - 22nd
Family get-together for 2 days around Nathan's birthday
June 2nd: Spoke at PROBUS on Australia & travel generally.
N. A. & A. flew to L.A.
ZoŽ came to stay
4th: With Z to Steeple Ashton
7th: To Bath (P500)
8th: Adrian to Cambridge
9th: J to Bath (SX30).
 Adrian returned w ZoŽ.
Salisbury: Constable Exhibition
10th: Winchester with ZoŽ
11th: Walton-on-Thames w ZoŽ
19th: Stayed @ 
The Anchor, Shepperton
20th: Stayed @ Marriott, LHR
21st - 24th: Moscow, Russia
24th - 27th: Tallinn, Estonia
27th & 28th: Riga, Latvia
29th: Klaipeda, Lithuania
30th: Vilnius, Lithuania
2nd - 14th: Ava's 1st trip to U.S.
2nd - 4th:
ZoŽ stayed  with us
9th - 11th ZoŽ stayed with us
11th: visited K, S & Zac with ZoŽ 
19th & 20th: saw both babies
21st - end of month: Moscow, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
July 1st & 2nd: Vilnius, Lithuania
2nd: Returned to UK & visited Walton-on-Thames (Emma)
5th: Highgrove and Tetbury
5th-7th: ZoŽ stayed
11th: Cherhill Monument walk
15th: Good Afternoon Choir
18th: 1st Painting in Manor
19th: Swanage w Walking Grp
20th-22nd Painting @ Avebury
24th: Guildford, Godalmington & Shepperton (The Anchor again)
25th: Family get-together @ Keri & Simon's
31st: Keri & Zac came to stay
1st & 2nd: Vilnius, Lithuania
5th: Highgrove & Tetbury
15th: Joined the Choir
24th & 25th: Saw the babies
Keri & Zac stayed for 2 nights from 31st
August 1st: Took Keri & Zac to Avebury. New netbook arrived
2nd: Keri & Zac went home
3rd: Tyntesfield (Avebury)
5th: Met Julian & Vera in Puddletown. Zo came to stay.
10th: Erected shed @ Avebury
12th: "This Happy Breed" by Noel Coward @ Theatre Royal.
14th: Visited Jim & Tricia & stayed @ Walton-on-Thames TL
15th: Visited Amalia & Ava with Keren, Zac & ZoŽ.  Frimley TL
16th:  Mary & Arthur's Party, Nathan & Amalia's, Frimley
17th: Tattershall Castle & stayed @ Sleaford TL
18th: Belton House & Woolsthorpe Manor,  - Grantham, Colsterworth TLs
19th: C. Howard, Doncaster TL
20th:Epworth Old Rectory & Gainsborough Old Hall
21st: Arrived with Helle & visited New Mills & Lyme Park
22nd: Liverpool (Beatles Story, Museum & Cathedral)
23rd: Knutsford & environs 
24th: Bromsgrove (J&M) & Evesham
25th: Coughton Court, Warwickshire
5th: Met Vera & Julian
& ZoŽ to stay for 3 nights
12th: Saw "This Happy Breed"
14th: Jim & Tricia in Cranleigh
15th: saw both babies + Ava again on 16th
16th: Mary & Arthur's Party
17th - 25th: Self guided tour of historic houses + visits to Helle & John & Margaret

30th - 2nd Sept: New window fitted in entrance hall.
September 2nd: ZoŽ came to stay
3rd: Birthday get-together @ K & S's
4th: J's Birthday Lunch in Odiham
5th: Romsey & Birthday Lunch for Zo &. Amalia passed her U.K. Driving Test.
6th: Zo to K's.  GQT @ Avebury
10th: George Inn, Norton St Philip for Adie's Birthday & Farleigh Hungerford
19th: to Keswick via Trentham Gardens
20th: Bassenthwaite Lake, Bothel & Carlisle, "Hayfever" in the evening.
21st: Ullswater, Patterdale, Kirkstone, Bowness on Windemere, Lakeside & Coniston, Ambleside, Grasmere & Thirlmere - in pouring rain!
22nd: Cockermouth on the bus from Keswick - Wordsworth's House
23rd: Back to Devizes via Wedgwood Visitors Centre
25th: Up to N & K's for the day & saw Ava who had a nasty cold. Stayed at The Anchor, Shepperton.
26th: Spent the day with Keri & Zac
6th-16th: Nath, Amalia & Ava holidayed in Provence
October 2nd: Avebury Manor Garden Open Day & Keri, Si & Zac stayed for the night.
3rd: Volunteers Outing to Kingston Lacy
4th: Keri, Si & Zac for night
9th & 10th: Cambridge to see ZoŽ in hospital. Stayed @ Sheene Mill, Royston
11th: Avebury Meeting re opening etc.
14th: Chippenham Male Voice Choir
16th:Cambridge to see ZoŽ w Keri & Zac
Stayed @ Keri's

17th: Saw Amalia & Ava @ Keri's
22nd: Tetbury for lunch & shopping
26th,27th & 28th Keri & Zac stayed
27th-28th ZoŽ in hospital for Campath
29th: Good Afternoon Choir Concert
30th: To Nath, Amalia & Ava's
31st: Flew to Athens to join Discovery
November 1st: Piraeus & Archaeological Museum
2nd: Rhodes
3rd: Limassol Cyprus for Neolithic Village etc
4th: Ashdod, Israel for Jerusalem
5th: Haifa, Israel for Nazareth & Sea of Galilee
7th: Alexandria, Egypt
8th: Alexandria for El Alamein
9th: Port Said for Cairo & Pyramids
10th: Transit of Suez Canal
11th: Sharm El-Sheikh for St Catherine's Monastery
12th: Aqaba, Jordan
13th: Safaga for Dendera & Abydos
14th: Returned to UK
15th: Avebury Training Day
22nd: Recommenced Guiding in Manor
26th & 27th: Stayed @ The Anchor, Shepperton
26th, 27th & 28th: Saw Zac & Ava
December 10th: Dinner with Ann & Jim U.
12th: Kennet Accordion Orchestra @ KVNTA
15th: Walking Group Christmas Lunch @ Churchill Arms, West Lavington
16th: New Hall Blind delivered & fitted
19th: Adie to Avebury Volunteers Christmas get-together
24th: Lunch @ The Ship, Weybridge
24th & 25th nights: The Bridge, Chertsey
25th: Christmas Day @ K & S's
26th: Boxing Day @ N & A's
29th - 31st: N,A & Ava to stay